Sunday, 19 June 2011

Yorkshire Tea

I received a lovely hand written card from the lovely Chloe Darcy, from Customer Services at Taylors of Harrogate last week.  She kindly responded to my letter requesting that they start to phase out the plastic wrapping from their boxes of tea, explaining that they 'are required to pack [their] boxes with cellophane because they act as a protection against foreign bodies, [reducing] the risk of other products on a shop shelf tainting the flavour of the tea and damaging the tea bags themselves.'  There were some other very kind and friendly pleasantries in the letter and a sample box of 10 Yorkshire Tea bags, wrapped in plastic!!!  All the same I was very pleased to receive such a lovely and gentle hand written reply. 

My quest for plastic free tea bags does not stop there, I shall not be defeated at the last hurdle, I shall get my Yorkshire Tea without the plastic, even if I have to go up there and buy it from them at the factory door myself.  On a more sensible note it would be worth confirming whether the cellophane they use is actually made from cellulose or from petrochemicals.  If made from cellulose then I dont believe that there is a problem as it should biodegrade.  If however it is made from petrochemicals, I SHALL find an alternative.  I have been informed by a colleague at work that Celestial Seasonings tea bags are individually wrapped in a wax coated pocket.  Can anybody confirm this?  I am going to purchase a pack, have a little goosey gander and if it is true, will contact them to see what their wax coating is made of, as there is a chance that it could be petrochemical based.  Should the wax be made out of a biodegradable substance I think that Taylors of Harrogate may be finding a solution to their plastic packaging in the post.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lushious (plastic free) Looks

I treated myself last week to some utterly delicious lush shampoo and conditioner bars and oooooh la la are they scrumptious.  Not only do they smell divine, they soap up really well and my hair is so much fluffier and voluminous.  The soap is a lot lighter than that you get in a bottle, so it doesnt cling onto you locks weighing you hair down.  The number of bottled brands that I have tried to use to lift my roots and finally I have a ethical product that does the job.

I  also invested in some more toothy tabs which are AMAZING.  Its toothpaste in a tablet and I like it so much more than regular toothpaste.  It isnt minty like a tube of toothpaste, it taste a little bit soapy (which takes a little bit of getting used to) but it has more of a chalky texture, which means your teeth feel like they get a much more thorough clean, almost an exfoliation.

Toothpaste is just a habit - give it up and stick to toothy tabs.

What makes these three products all so much more scrumptious is they are all completely plastic package free - WOOPEE, which means the only plastic packaging in our bathroom now is my face cleanser and the bathroom cleaners, oh and the next item.

There is one other thing that I have been pondering a lot at the moment and that is razors.  Now I am not a big fan of shaving, its a pain in the derriere as far as I am concerned and my skin isnt too keen on it either, it always gets sore, but what really annoys me is the number of plastic disposable razors that I have sent to the landfill in my years.  But lets face it unshaven legs just arnt acceptable in this society and I like to bare my legs so whats got to be done has got to be done.

So I have invested in a VENUS (oooooo), and yes it is still plastic and it is a little expensive, BUT its just the head of the razor that you change, so that means a lot less plastic going to landfill AND the razor is a lot better quality so my legs should be happier.  But if anyone has any more eco ideas to keep my legs smooth and sexy please do let me know.  I had thought about going old school with a barbers razor, buuut, I am rather clumsy and I would like to keep all parts of my legs.

Thanks for reading,

Best wishes,

from a lushily smelling, voluminous hair wearing, plastic free Jade